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Rose Magic Class June 5th!

I’m so excited to share the magic of the rose again this June at Dandelion Botanical in Dungeness. I connected with Kachi of Dandelion Botanical a few months back over some Devil's Club and we got to talking about teaching - she planted the seed and I contemplated the which class and the timing. It’s been a few years since I last presented this class and the roses have said its time again.

Roses connect us with our energetic heart which is so important! I feel like this heart connection is even more important in these quickly shifting times we’re living where it can be overwhelming to process the magnitude of the shifts that are happening personally, globally, culturally…

In Rose Magic we’ll explore the physical medicine, food and energetic vibrational aspects of roses. You’ll walk away ready to visit a wild rose thicket or gather petals from your rose bush in your yard and connect with the world wide web of roses.

As I was working in the apothecary the other day bottling up tinctures it dawned on me to offer the rose remedies to the Rose Magic participants first - so if you join me on June 5th you'll have first access to Nootka Rose tincture, Nootka Rose elixir, Grief elixir, Nootka Rose vinegar and Calm & Collected, my favorite collaboration concoction (with Kia of Beanstalk Farm in Sequim).

Perhaps you’d like to join me, I'd love to see you there. Click here to register.

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