Good Green Earth Grief Elixir

Grief Elixir

We created Grief Elixir to help cope with grief, to keep you grounded in your body while dealing with your emotions. The grieveing process isn't always easy, we understand. It is important for us all to work through our emotions, however. This is a formula to help you continue in your daily life with out forgetting about grief, sorrow and sadness, allowing you to heal at your own pace. We blended supportive, opening and balancing herbs to give you an energetic hug when you need it most.

1/2 oz amber bottle with a dropper.

Our Grief Elixir was inspired by Kings Road Apothecary
Rebecca Altman of King's Road Apothecary has some wonderful things to say about different kinds of grief, herbs to support grief, and some exercises that you can do help you work through grief.
You can read her blog on grief here.

Ingredients: Lovingly and ethically wildcrafted Hawthorn flower, leaf and berries, Nootka Rose blossoms and leaf, St. John's Wort blossoms, California Poppy airels, Osha root, organically grown Motherwort flowering tops & Lavender blossoms blended with 100 proof vodka, organic maple syrup and raw honey.

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