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Read what people are saying about Tree Talk, our Shamanic Herbalism class...

"All the trees seemed to be saying take the people into the trees more to slow everybody down and help them to appreciate the natural environment.  That's the way to get people to appreciate and want to do things to save the environment.  The kids need to start slowing down now and learn to trade some of the time on  phones and videos with time in the trees and nature. They can learn from the trees, birds and all of nature more than they will in their phones and tech stuff.  We all need to help them learn to do this, slowly, but surely.  They will be the ones to save the environment and each other.  Find a way to help to get the children to be involved with the trees and nature."

 ~ Carol K. Sequim, WA

        I was really fortunate to be in Washington while Ellen was teaching a tree class and jumped at the opportunity to attend.  Her class was at a lovely park by Bell Creek, it was in the wooded area I found the group nestled amongst some older trees. 


         Fortunately I came just in time, as we settled down Ellen led us on a guided meditation that helped us ground and connect with the land, plants, trees, life around us.  This came natural to me, but what I appreciated was how she created a safe container that allowed us participants to connect and ground together.  This helped open the space for group sharing of experiences with trees that was touching to hear as we varied in age and gender.    


        From there she shared much knowledge and wisdom she has learned over time about trees, our relationship with them, and then exercises we could do to be in relation with them.  We then went into the woods to connect with a tree to practice giving and receiving in the ways Ellen spoke of.  In that receiving I was Blessed with a deep reconnection to trees that I had known from childhood, And also a gift...... a message from the trees of how they can help my system realign and resource itself and ground deeper when I am working in intense situacions, which is my work in collective trauma.  


      This was an instantaneous body felt perception that resonated through my entire system.  I feel such Gratitude to Ellen for sharing her wisdom and knowledge as I walk forth more resourced, grounded and rested within. 


 Thank You Ellen, the Trees, and All who participated that day.


  Cheryl Sarno, Dine'bito, AZ

I really appreciated the Tree Talk class again. The location was special and I had opportunity to take (my son) there later that day. He had really wanted to join in the Tree Talk. He asked about how to initiate conversation with trees, and had his first experience that day (on our own property). I received tingles when walking back through the sacred space, especially when I saw the flowers that you placed on the beautiful cedar tree that you were leaning against and talking to. I really love the experiences gained in these special gatherings; it would be a challenge to pick out one highlight.


Thanks again!


"The tree talk class at Crescent lake was truly magical. The location and weather was perfect. Ellen provided an excellent presentation of scientific information combined with a spiritual experience. This class makes me see all trees with a wonderful sense of connection.
I would highly recommend this class to anyone that loves nature."

- Sharon M., Sequim, WA

"Thank you Ellen for an absolutely beautiful experience with the trees.  Connecting with each one was so different.  They all 'communicated' in a different way, a very different feeling from each.  


They helped me smell the forest in a way I hadn't before and smell is my least good sense.  But they helped me and it came through loud and clear with a message. 


As I sit writing this I am remembering one message that the second tree gave me and it's totally making sense to what's been going on and I needed to remember it NOW, AGAIN, LOL, every day.  It reminded me to "Find my inner peace amongst the chaos that is happening outside of you."  A message that has made sense for my situation and is going to continue to make sense for a while according to the trees.


Your meditations were incredibly calming and technique very natural and easy to follow.  


Thank you so much for getting this totally homebody out of the house and into the forest to truly connect with the trees.  I can't wait to meet and communicate with other trees on the peninsula in future classes.



Josslyn Streett"

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