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Turkey Tail Double Extraction

Turkey Tail Double Extraction

Turkey Tail is said to modulate immune function.  This lovely little polypore mushroom is abundant in the damp forests of the Olympic Peninsual rain forest where we live.  We respectfully gather the Turkey Tail as it is avalable in the wet months and craft it, first, into a tincture and, second, into a decoction - thus a double extraction.  Turkey Tail's active properties are best extracted in this way, both by alcohol and water, and we benefit from this extra step.  I wouldn't be without this powerhouse.  Hands down my favorite immune tonic, it is taken on a regular basis in our household throughout the winter months for an easy boost for our immune systems.


This double extraction contains: wildcrafted Turkey Tail mushrooms, 100 proof vodka, clean water and infused with Reiki for maximum healing.  It is packaged in a 1 oz. glass amber bottle with a dropper.

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